Building games
in spaces

Specialized in experiential real-time games and installations.
Studio BoraBora is your creative technology studio.
At Bora Bora we craft experiences with new technologies and meaningful narratives. We believe that the freedom of virtual worlds enables new ways of developing interactive, transcendent and memorable experiences. Our playground is the space between the virtual and physical worlds: the phygital metaverse.
BVLGARI - Interactive Shopping Window
We rethink given spaces, from showrooms to retail stores. As an example, with our friends from Satis&FY we designed for Bulgari an interactive motion controlled storefront.
Playing around with different kinds of UX haptics is a big part of our work. For our ‘Drunken Robee’ game, we matched the virtual 3D planet with a custom build sphere interaction. The result is an intuitive and fun gameplay with surprising user reactions.
Realtime 3D characters
We custom design and develop funky realtime 3D characters which transport a brands message and are ready to get integrated in interactive experiences. Play and explore.
Jimmy Jazz Store Activation
For Jimmy Jazz sneaker stores we developed an interactive Kinect based installation with two game approaches: 'Run the City' and 'Jump high'.

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